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Free simulator for streamers

Gamers who are engrossed in watching streamers as they are playing games themselves, Developer Cheesecake Inc. has endeavored to put the player inside the life of an online gamer and influencer with their game – Streamer Life Simulator. The game not only focuses on the process of streaming but also permits the player to truly make their character an extension of their personality. You can do this (and more) through the game’s open-world mechanics. 

What is Streamer Life Simulator?

The game starts with the sound of gunshots and a canine yelping. After waking up, you go down the stairs to locate some unknown individual viably advising you to leave. He directs you towards your delivery by the entryway and commands you to leave immediately. You will find a quick tutorial that is portrayed as a small quest arc. It should only take ten minutes to complete. The streams are essentially what everything in the game rotates around. 

You will need to work hard for success, just like a real-life game streamer. Be prepared to stream in 144p and 30ps in the first half of the game. You will need to acquire a job in order to pay for your bills, food, and other necessities. As you become a more experienced streamer, you’ll be able to update your PC with more RAM and moving to another property with improved web abilities.

There are a little small bunch of minigames that are on Streamer Life Simulator that viably make up an enormous segment of the game, as these minigames are the games that you stream to the world. It includes spoofs of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and The Witcher. They’re fun but its artificial intelligence system is inaccurate. It can be entertaining to watch, at the same time, serves as a reminder that this is a simulation

Meta role-playing simulator 

Streamer Life Simulation is a fun, casual game to play for those that want to try the life of a streamer. The events of the game are accurate to what real streamers do, including the challenges of a beginner. Once you spend more time, the game will generously provide you with upgrades to push your streaming career forward. 


  • New role-playing plotline
  • Includes short tutorial
  • Includes minigames


  • Inaccurate AI system


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Streamer Life Simulator


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